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Maison Bouey, in collaboration with Farandole, are bringing the NFT revolution to the Primeurs season of 2022

HongKong, Wednesday, May 4th

Maison Bouey is partnering with Farandole, an international NFT marketplace for Fine Wines& Spirits, to bring Grand Cru Classé sales to the Web 3 ecosystem.

After launching the first ever NFTs for Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé wines at the latest edition of Wine Paris, Bouey and Farandole now invite the general public to experience the2022 En Primeur season through NFTs on Farandole’s Marketplace. In partnership with more than fifteen Grands Crus Classés from Bordeaux, this collection of NFTs will give the buyer future access to a case of 6 bottles.

“It seemed only natural to combine Primeur sales with NFTs - when you buy an En Primeur wine, what you’re buying will remain virtual anyway until the wine is matured, aged and bottled”, said Jacques Bouey, the man spearheading this initiative.

Future owners of these NFTs will either be able to sell them on the NFT resale market, keep the min their digital wallet, or exchange them for a case of wine once available. While owners have their NFT, Bouey will hold onto their wines for them and keep them safe and secure.

“With this NFT format, the future bottles can be bought and sold around the world without leaving any carbon footprint, with no risk of damage during transport or fraud, and without being subject to any local taxes or duties. This is a new way of doing business, and it’s here to stay”, says Yann Bouey, the head of Châteaurelations.

In this collaboration, Maison Bouey will distribute their En Primeurwines as NFTs on the Farandole Marketplace. Farandole is a global marketplace with their head office in Hong Kong. They allow users to purchase NFTs in dollars, using a credit card, for the very first time. It will also be possible to buy the NFTs with AVAX, the cryptocurrency native to the Avalanche blockchain upon which Farandole’s marketplace is built.[3]  What’s more, Farandole will create a dedicated Bouey club for their community of wine enthusiasts. Real-life wine dinners are planned around the NFT collection in Hong Kong,Singapore, and Bangkok.

“We are very happy to be partnering with a pioneer in the wine industry like Maison Bouey for their upcoming En Primeur release. Distributing these wines on the Farandole marketplace will allow a larger audience to access these fine wines which will help democratize the industry. We look forward to welcoming all the buyers of this release to the Bouey Club - a Club that gives access to exclusive product drops, virtual and physical events, and much more,” says Maxime Hamonic, CEO of Farandole.



When asked about the adoption of NFTs within the fine wine market, Maxime Delaporte, the GrandCru Classé Director for Maison Bouey, explains that, “While there is still some hesitation on the Primeur market about NFTs, most Châteaux are enthusiastic about our initiative. This is a great way for them to reach a new target, Digital Natives, who would not naturally lean towards their brands. They can also take a step forward into the new Web 3economy with very little risk. Of course, we’ve kept a few places aside for the Châteaux who are still on the fence.

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