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Leading French Wine Auction ‘Toques & Clochers’ collaborates with Farandole to turn winning bidders’ wines into NFTs

Hong Kong, Thursday, May 5th

This 33rdEdition will open on the 11th and close on May 21st, 2022. Several distinguished sommeliers from the Occitania region have selected the best wines of the 2021 vintage for wine collectors’ and investors' bidding. A committee of experts, led by Remy Fournié, will also gather to taste and rate each barrel available for auction prior to the event.


80 barrels will be sold over the weekend at a starting price estimated at around US$5,000. The funds raised will contribute to the restoration and preservation of local bell towers.


When abarrel or mathusalem winner sells or trades an NFT via Farandole’s marketplace, Sieur d'Arques will receive royalties. In the future, as Farandole's business develops, those royalties will play a vital role in serving Toques and Clochers' philanthropic cause.


By making its first partnership with Toques and Clochers, Farandole aims to attract existing wine collectors to the blockchain as well as open up this fascinating market to millennials looking at wine and crypto as an alternative investment to add to their portfolio.



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