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Farandole is proud to be the world’s first NFT Marketplace for wine & spirits. Farandole is a new generation e-commerce platform using rapidly emerging blockchain technology for sellers and individuals to store and access information when buying and selling wine & spirits.

Blockchain, Wine & Spirits

Blockchain technology offers a decentralised form of Digital Banking called DeFi. Digital banking provides the same benefits as the traditional banking system, with one exception. DeFi conveniently removes the need for the middle man  (e.g. banking institution) by securing the transaction on the blockchain using cryptocurrency as a medium.

Farandole Unveils

Farandole creates a sophisticated NFT wine & spirit platform. Upon purchasing a product, each physical bottle on the blockchain has its own unique ID. This ID is called “NFT” and stands for Non-Fungible Token. Each NFT is linked to a Smart Contract (digital contract) showing ownership of the bottle.  The NFT can be easily traded on the Farandole platform offering sellers & individuals a lucrative opportunity to profit within the evolving blockchain industry. In addition, the physical wine or spirit is provided upon purchase which can also be enjoyed or traded.

Why do we need


Currently, there are limited methods to track important information such as the origin, authenticity or ownership of a fine wine or spirit. Farandole offers this valuable service within their NFT collection.

Linking the

digital contract

The Farandole NFT wine & spirit collections provide an NFT digital contract called a smart contract upon every purchase. This revolutionary technology enables one to show the ownership of a wine or spirits bottle.

Sellers & individuals can use the Farandole Dashboard to access all the metadata associated with the wine or spirit, offering complete transparency.
1 // All metadata for each  wine & spirit is collated from the seller by Farandole and securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring complete transparency.
2 // Sellers can decide to store their products at their own premises or at Farandole’s professional warehouses.
3 // An NFT digital contract is distributed for each wine & spirit on the blockchain.
4 // As a result, all NFTs can be easily traded on the Farandole marketplace, offering lucrative returns for sellers and individuals alike.

NFT Wine


Wine & spirits companies are exploring possibilities in the NFT space; from sales on general NFT Marketplaces to art collaborations and online events. A lot of investors are now turning to NFTs for wines & spirits. Investing in physical assets with high returns and which can be sold in fiat money opens the door of wine & spirits investments for many of us.